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Music, arts and entertainment research projects and whitepapers

Music, arts and entertainment industry research


Author: Rob Hails and NMIT Advanced Diploma in Music Industry students | Publication date: 28-Jul-2010

An annual report prepared by NMIT’s Advanced Diploma of Music (Business) students - 2009 examining the state of the live music scene in Melbourne, Australia.

Download: State-of-Play-NMIT-Live-music-in-Melbourne

The Future of Copyright

Author: Ben O'Hara | Publication date: 08-Jun-2010

What if the (copyright) system we imagined was better than the (copyright) system we created? Ben O'Hara ponders a post-copyright future.
Download - The Future of Copyright

Seriously Cool - Marketing & Communicating with Diverse Generations

Author: Mark Beard and Mark McCrindle | Publication date: 24-Feb-2010

A comprehensive analysis of the emerging generations and is packed with the most effective strategies to communicate and market to them.
Download | 
Seriously Cool - Marketing & Communicating with Diverse Generations

Technology, the Australian contemporary music industry, copyright law and the future

Author: Ben O'Hara | Publication date: 24-Feb-2010

Considers the following questions: What effects have recent advances in technology had on the Australian music industry and how has the copyright act changed to meet these new technological challenges? What other changes to the law would benefit the contemporary music industry.
Download | Technology and the Australian contemporary music industry

Why Events Fail

Author: Ben O'Hara | Publication date: 25-Feb-2010

Why do people attend festivals and events?
What kinds of factors may prevent people from attending events?
Why do events fail?
Download: Why Events Fail

Review of the International Music Managers' Forum Aspirational Code of Conduct

Author: Dr Guy Morrow | Publication date: 24-Feb-2010

Project Outline:

The international music industry has decentralised and this has shifted commercial control from monopoly companies to smaller artist-manager teams. This project addresses the issue that these artist manager teams are not regulated by a code of conduct. The International Music Managers’ Forum (IMMF) is a voluntary body seeking to create new standards in relation to artist management practices and to the enforcement of international copyright law. Their aim is constrained by lack of empirical research. This project is significant because it provides the first in-depth analysis of artist management practices in the current phase of decentralisation.

Research Plan:

The IMMF have a code to which they aspire. The plan for this project is to use this aspirational code as a starting point for the development of a more enforceable code of conduct. Numerous artist managers have and will be interviewed.

Download | Music Manager's Forum Research Paper

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