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Budgeting and Bookkeeping For Creative People

Budgeting and Bookkeeping For Creative People

  • $32.95

Budgeting & Bookkeeping for Creative People: A guide to accounting for music, arts and entertainment businesses

Designed as both an introductory guide and a practical, week-by-week workbook, this book will assist students, educators and practitioners in the music, entertainment and arts industries to build their financial literacy.

Combined with the associated online resource, the authors use journals, spreadsheets and calculators which extrapolate and demonstrate introductory accounting principles in relation to the music, arts and entertainment industry.

The authors explore the essentials components of accounting processes and systems including:

  • The accounting cycle and bookkeeping processes

  • Accounting for intangible service as well as physical products

  • Accounting for assets such as studio and band equipment.

  • Accounting for music copyrights, trademarks and entertainment brands

  • Financial analysis tools used to measure the relative success of music, arts and entertainment products and businesses

  • Creating and implementing budgets for revenue and expenditure

  • Demonstration of practical, spreadsheet-based budgets for record labels, publishers, independent artists, recording studios, cultural events, music tours and more.

Learn how to capitalize your creativity by mastering the basics of accounting.

Access free music marketing resources from this book

Many of our texts refer to music business planning templates, calculators and spreadsheets that are available for download. Including are items like free recording studio budget - 12 month cash flow forecast and this tour budget

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